• The ultimate fantasy
    draft experience

  • Touch-friendly
    Player Selection screen

  • Advanced player
    highlight animation

A Unique Experience

Your draft is an event. You want it to be more than just sitting at a table announcing your player or, worse yet, everyone sitting home at their computers watching an auto draft. Ultidraft gives you the benefits and convenience of a digital draft board without losing the experience of an in-person draft.

  • Dual Screen Pick Selection

    Project your picks on one screen and have your GMs make their selection on a touchscreen, laptop or tablet.

  • Custom Highlight Animation

    A customizable highlight slideshow and GM specific sound will play when a pick is made

  • Completely Customizable

    The UltiDraft Board can be customized to fit your league. Individual GMs can control their own team information and their own custom draft sound notification.

  • Draft Game

    Ultidraft features a built-in draft game where GMs guess the next pick. The reward you give for the winner (or soul-crushing punishment for the loser) is completely up to you.

  • Accessible from anywhere

    Our completely cloud-based system can be accessed from any device. GMs can even make their pick remotely if, for some reason, their lame-ass can't make the draft in person.

  • Total Control

    Trade draft picks, players, anything right in the middle of the draft. Your commissioner controls every aspect as UltiDraft automatically updates in real time.